• K98 Grenades and launcher only
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  • K98 Grenade on rifle

Replica WW2 German Rifle grenade launcher

for the K98 Rifle ( fits the Denix K98)

Launcher $ 195.00 ea

Anti Tank Rifle Grenade $ 85.00 ea

High Explosive Rifle Grenade  $ 65.00 ea

Complete set $ 320.00

all plus post

Rounds are cast in polyurethane resin from a silicone mold off the reals ones shown in the slide show. Painted realistically.

The Launcher clamp is manufactured from high density resin with a metal internal barrel tube to slide over the barrel , a working clamp to lock it onto the barrel . The grenade launcher barrel has been machined from high density PVC pipe , to the same profile as the real relic launcher in the photo. A  very light weight but durable replica , grenade rounds can be inserted for display. Note – the relic launcher and inert grenades are not included or for sale .