I am a Licensed Firearm Dealer ( Category A,B,C,D and H,  No. 50001499 )  and  Armourer ( Replica Category R Firearms ONLY, No. 51001240 ). I have an extensive personal collection of replica and real firearms and inert ordnance etc ……

if you don’t see it here ..chances are i have it or can access it or  build it from scratch., and can certify replica category R firearms as inoperable for a fee so you can PTA to a Queensland Collectors License ( Weapons )


I import a lot of parts and replicas  and new projects are always in the pipeline.

I also am interested in purchasing items that are rare , collectable and useful for my business , if you have anything I also do trades .

I have been in business for the past 7 years supplying replica firearms and military ordnance to Private Collectors, Film Companies , ADF Cadet Units  , Museums, RSL Museums ,  State and Federal Museums, State and Federal Government Departments such as The Australian Defence Force, Australian Federal Police, State Police Forces and Defence Suppliers both here and overseas  etc etc.


Most importantly I am en ex ADF member ( ARES RAINF and RAAC  just short of 14 years 1984 – 1997 ), Licensed Sporting Shooter, Collector, Dealer , Armourer. and Explosives Sale License from Queensland DM&NR.

THIS MY OCCUPATION – RING ME ANYTIME 0417 006591 and I am sure I can help you CHEERS

Eric Stevenson









Licenses  and SSAA scan 2017
Rob and Nog 88022
me  young bloke